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12th July 2022

What does vitalistic chiropractic look like?

The philosophy of a vitalistic Chiropractor is different from that of a bio-mechanical Chiropractor. Is it any wonder then that it is so easy to know the philosophy of a Chiropractor just by looking at their practice?
10th June 2022

Closed Room vs Open Plan

The experience for both the Chiropractor and the patient is very different depending on whether they are being adjusted in a closed room or open plan setting.
2nd May 2022

Health Talks: Why do they matter?

Think back to when chiropractic first started about 1895. It's hard to imagine how challenging things must have been back then. The profession was just beginning, and people were still trying to figure out what it was and what set it apart from the rest.
15th April 2022

What makes a good chiropractic coach?

There will be differences in practicing between countries. This could be your practice itself or your life outside the clinic

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