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You are open to new ideas and eager to be challenged. Your voice will always be heard but you must also be willing to listen.

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You love your patients and you always put them first. This means holding yourself and everyone around you to the highest professional standards, respecting the integrity of our profession and creating a win-win where patients receive superb care and reward you with their loyalty.

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Team player

There is no competition between you and your teammates. You appreciate and support your colleagues knowing there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to succeed together.

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See Chiropractic as more than just pain relief

You probably started your career with altruistic intentions and a desire to help people. If you lost some of that along the way and want to reignite your professional passion, you will relish in working at Willow alongside a team of diversified Chiropractors who are all on your wavelength.

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Comfortable with success

You don’t shy away from your success because you know you’re really good at what you do, and you deserve to enjoy a fruitful and abundant life.

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You are proactive about living up to the exceptional standards we have worked to create so that practice is rewarding for all of us.

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If you join the Willow team, we will invest heavily in your learning, growth, development and success. In return, we ask you to be committed to us and to continuous improvement.

“The biggest difference with me being a Chiropractor at Willow is that I absolutely love what I do. It’s not a job for me anymore - it’s a passion. It’s what I choose to do and it’s not work, it’s a part of my life. The personal development has been huge. You can fully invest all of your time in being a Chiropractor. If far more practices started to work in the same way Willow does, I feel that the profession would be so much stronger.”

Dr Sarah Barrow, Bedminster Clinic

We are an open book.

Our hiring process is not only informal, it’s informative. We invite any and all Chiropractors who resonate with our message to simply come and talk to our team - over a caffeinated drink and some banana bread, if you fancy it. We’d love to get to know you.

We know this is a hugely important decision, so we give you access to everything in the hope that you can make a fully informed decision about whether Willow is right for you. You are always welcome to come and shadow in our clinics, ask us questions and find out more about how a successful Chiropractic organisation works.

If you’re open minded, our doors are open.

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"I love being part of a large team. It comes with a wealth of support, knowledge and resources for me to tap into to make my daily practice better!

As a vitalistic Chiropractor, I love being part of a journey to a greater life...

by positively and profoundly supporting people's health long-term health vs just temporary relief of symptoms! 

James Deady (Clifton)


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