What we offer

No stress, just chiropractic.

  • Willow DCs earn more than £85,000 per year on average

  • Employed

  • Guaranteed base salary

  • Uncapped bonus structure: potential to earn well above £100,000 per year

“We have fantastic resources and great support. The head office team makes sure everything is looked after for you. It means that we don’t need to expel any excess energy doing the things around being a Chiropractor that we’re not necessarily interested in or good at. We can pretty much devote 100% of our energy and time to delivering the best possible care for the patient. I feel like I make a real impact on people’s lives and increase their quality of life - and I don’t think you can get better job satisfaction than that.” 

Dr Sarah Barrow, Bedminster Clinic

We are a high-performing team who set ambitious goals while maintaining a healthy balance - in practice and life.


The true purpose of a Chiropractor is to have a meaningful impact on the quality of life enjoyed by their patients. Our empowering way of working facilitates this process by enabling you to get into a focused and loving headspace during every adjustment you make.

Financial success

Dedicating our energy to just one task (being a great Chiropractor!) allows us to spend the vast majority of our time with patients - and that makes our working week extremely profitable. Everyone at Willow is earning significantly more than the average Chiropractor and those with the most ambitious goals are supported in achieving limitless success.


We are a community. We take care of each other and look after one another other during difficult times. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we came together and grew stronger. No one was left behind.


All our systems, coaching and support is there to help you be effective and achieve great results. However, this foundation also eliminates stress and frees you up to offer your patients the best care you can - your way.

Quality of life

Our systems and support team take care of all the things that could drain our energy, and the way we practice enhances our health and happiness. This potent combination ensures we go home feeling uplifted – always.

Willow is a Tier 2 sponsor and chiropractic is a skilled, well-paid profession, so visas are available and accessible to you - no matter your location. Depending on where you studied chiropractic, you may need to pass a “Test of Competence'' (short exam) in order to practice in the UK. Don’t worry, we know the process inside out and we can offer coaching to guide you through it. We make everything as predictable and simple as possible, and our team is on hand to support you (and your family) with relocation to the UK.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your application.

Less stress and more fun; made possible by a first-class support structure. We are focused solely on serving our patients because we have a team of experts who handle everything else - from admin and accounts to marketing and staff management.               

An abundance of new patients

Our leading marketing team is highly successful and dedicated to attracting a consistent stream of new patients, so you can quickly grow and sustain a strong practice.

Operational support

We don’t have to worry about day-to-day tasks like scheduling, finance or admin because our operations team takes care of all the headaches involved in running a business, leaving us free to enjoy practice with less stress and more success.

Guaranteed success

We have worked hard to craft a patient experience that pre-empts issues to ensure our chiropractic care comes from a place of present consciousness, focus and love. We are free to practice the way we want and our workday feels effortless because we have established simple solutions to common problems.


World-class coaching program

Willow coaching is second to none.

We have developed the most comprehensive coaching program in the entire chiropractic profession and we promise to help you become the best Chiropractor you can be.

Authentic community

We know that chiropractic can be a stressful, lonely vocation. That’s why we built a community of like-minded people who believe in the profession’s significance and share common values like love, integrity, courage and a desire to do good.

Part of something greater

Through our world-class coaching team (led by Mark Hudson and Lynn McAvenia), we are part of the wider Chiro Europe community which is made up of more than 1000 Chiropractors who are all working to protect the future of the profession in Europe.

Humanistic and holistic approach

We have consciously created a kind and collaborative environment where colleagues feel confident enough to share their insights and comfortable enough to form lasting bonds with their team and their patients.

Fun and friendship

We make an effort to inject energy into everything we do, and we stay connected by planning playful social activities, attending inspiring events and keeping in touch with each other through regular Zoom calls and informal group chats.

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"It's great to have the security and inspiration, knowing I can call on multiple different docs. Everyone has their area of expertise and passions, so it's great to utilise that.

Being vitalistic provides a sense of freedom that I've never experienced before.

It massively reduces stress, and every day feels like turning up to fulfil a passion. The patient journey is so much more exciting and fulfilling. Working in an open-plan clinic gives a huge sense of freedom. It provides vibrancy and a great space and energy to deliver vitalistic adjustments."

Liam Rice (Nailsea)

A healing environment

Our chiropractic clinics are like no other. We have gone above and beyond to design peaceful sanctuaries that inspire positivity, allowing us to do our best work.

Places of vitality and love

We have intentionally created calm, inviting spaces that facilitate the healing process and allow us to focus entirely on our patients.

Contemporary, not clinical

Our clinics are not only modern, clean and organised - they’re beautiful. Our patients walk through the door and instantly feel sure they are in perfectly capable hands.

Open plan

Working in an open-plan setting enhances the patient experience, increases our sense of connection and helps our practice feel easy, effortless and enjoyable.

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