Have you considered a career in Europe?

Set up an informal call with our Internal Recruitment Advisor to find out how to be a successful Chiropractor in the UK

Here is what we will need to do, so you can join the Willow team and become a successful Chiropractor in UK


Licence to practice

We have a coach (who has a 100% pass rate) ready to guide you through the process. We will pay £1000 of the exam fee and your first-years GCC fee. You don't need to travel to UK to do your test, you can do it via Zoom

UK Visa

We have visas waiting (including immediate family). Speedy process- most visas are processed within 10-14 days.

Outstanding patient care is your priority? Supporting you to be a great Chiropractor from day one is ours!


Earn over £100K

Basic salary of £25,600 will give you financial security from day one. We offer a relocation support loan and your first month's rent covered

We will provide you with relocation support

Whether it's finding your home, selecting the best school for your children, or opening a bank account- you can count on us

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Why Willow?

We believe chiropractic is the single most effective natural healthcare profession and we strive to deliver outstanding, loving vitalistic care that helps our community thrive.

Financial success -  A Chiropractor at Willow is focused on one thing, being a great Chiropractor. This allows you to spend the vast majority of time with patients - making your working week extremely profitable.

Profession-leading support systems - Less stress and more fun; made possible by a first-class support structure. You will be focused solely on serving our patients because we have a team of experts who handle everything else - from admin and accounts to marketing and staff management.

World class coaching programme - Willow’s coaching is second to none. We have developed the most comprehensive coaching program in the entire chiropractic profession.

Community - We know that chiropractic can be a stressful, lonely vocation. That’s why we built a community of like-minded people who believe in the profession’s significance.

Our clinics - With 7 open plan clinics situated across Bristol, whether you prefer the busy city or the calm countryside we will have a clinic that suits you. We have gone above and beyond to design calm but energetic clinics that inspire positivity, allowing you to do your best work. 

We’d love to hear from you.
Reach out for a casual and confidential chat.

Why England?

Travel - With Bristol having an International airport you could finish your shift in the morning and be in Paris having dinner in the evening. Cheap flights and Europe is right on our doorstep.

Work Life balance - England has a strong belief that you work hard and you play hard, that's why a typical working week is 37.5 hours and at least 28 days paid holiday a year.

Healthcare - England's healthcare system is second to none and best of all, it’s free and available to everyone.

History and culture - England is a unique and wonderful place, soaked in history and culture. Our British culture and traditions are famous all over the world, you will definitely never get bored.

We’d love to hear from you.
Reach out for a casual and confidential chat.